A happy bride-to-be with her leopard print wine glass!
"The glass completed the bachelorette experience.
It was BEAUTIFUL and made for a special gift for the bride!"
Nicki A
Arlington, VA
Kristin, the glasses arrived beautifully intact near the end of our visit.  They had been held up in Polish Customs.  THEY ARE GORGEOUS and were a huge hit. 
 I said that a friend had painted them (which we definitely  consider you). 
I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us.
This was an incredible gift and they were in awe of the beautiful craftsmanship. Cherry (Michigan)

Thank you again and we will definitely be back!

  Design: Sunset Regatta
I have never worked with someone that is more customer-focused. Kristin designed a BEAUTIFUL wine glass for my graduation party and did everything possible to ensure I received it in time and loved it. I am so thankful for Kristin's excellent service and currently looking through the website for what I can buy next...what a wonderful company and owner! 
Nicki A.
Arlington, VA
My husband and I visited with our friends about the wedding.  The flutes you sent ended up being used as the toasting glasses for the wedding.  I had brunch with Carol and she forgot to bring the "official toasting glasses" to the wedding but she brought the package you had sent for us for Ross and Katie.  They opened the package thinking it might contain something special and of course, it did!  I think this is a such a great story and a great beginning for a new marriage! Thank you again for taking such good care of us! 
Washington State/Arizona
Dear Kristin, The box of four glasses arrived here in California today after noon.
No breakage in our package--your wrapping and packaging were amazing!--and we assume none occurred in the other package as well.
Thank you for the beautiful glasses you painted for us; we are proud to be giving them to our friends.  Thank you for your craft and art, and for your attention to detail in all phases, all much appreciated.  
 "Getting to know you" through this process has been a distinct pleasure.
Best wishes,
Ron and Penny T.
December 2011
I just wanted to let you know that my sister-in-law loved the martini glass.  It was a big hit!  Thank you so much.....  It was the perfect gift!
Kathy F
I just want to say Thank You....for EVERYTHING!!  Kelli was blown away by the glass!  Seriously, all of her friends loved the 'goblet' - it was both fun and beautiful!  I have been in her life (stepmom) since she was 12 and, no kidding, she was more demonstrably thrilled with this gift than ANY other I have ever gotten her.  I was blown away at the combination of care and speed with which you finished it!! My lands - I gave you such last minute notice and you captured exactly what I wanted, wrapped it with such due care and had it at my doorstep in no time.  It was like you had an 'in' with the tooth fairy or Santa Claus - a little magical!  The initial thing that caught my eye beyond your lovely work was that it was also dishwasher safe;  I am so glad that element put you over the top as I am confident I got the best item and service from all the artist's I had to choose from!!  I will definitely be back!! 
Thanks again!! Mary
Elaine is a very happy birthday girl!

My baby sister (Elaine) amongst her gifts on her 60th b-day (B4 the
umpteenth bottle of wine!) 
"Kristin ~ it's lovelier than I had even imagined!  (Of COURSE I had to peek!!!)  Your soul definitely shines through. Your art/soul was the central attraction all
day!  Thanks again for everything!
Hugs to you, Marijo "
"Hi Kristin!
 My husband Rob and I received your glassware as a gift. Our dear friend, Cheryl , has gifted us on a couple of occasions, the last being Rob's 40th birthday.
Thanks so much!!!  You are truly talented and we are so thankful for your work!"
Sincerely, Rob and Angela E.  (NY)
Two words – “Wow!  Gorgeous!”  Meg and I just unwrapped the flutes.  We love them. Thank you so much for doing this for us.  We’re going to combine them with a bottle of fine champagne.  I know Scott and Anna will be thrilled."
Jorge & Meg R. (NC)
So my fiancé and I got back in town last night after being gone for a few days, and I had two packages waiting for me! Oh my goodness…. The pictures that you sent me of the wine glasses and vase did not do your work justice!!! They are absolutely gorgeous and PERFECT!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! My fiancé loves them too!!!! I love them and am so excited with how amazing they are going to be for the wedding!!!! Thank you so much!!!!"
The hand painted box arrived about 15 minutes ago !!!!  It made me cry !!!  It is done so perfectly - and it looks as if that poem was written on it about 100 years ago.  What a talent you have !  My family just loved it and a friend stopped by and saw it and said it is just exquisite !!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it and how it will be loved.  The note inside is so subtle - he can read it any time he wants to without everyone in the world seeing it.  Your taste is simply stunning.
Again, know you have made Christmas for a family that needed it made for them this year.  I love the box !!!
Gloria (PA)
Becky the 21st birthday girl
She loves it!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!
Mary Jo C. (Raleigh area, NC)
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